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This is the notes for Pharm-D program including chapter wise notes from first year to fifth year, activities to be performed in the Hospital, Project Ideas, Monograph of Drugs and Question papers.


Activities to be performed in the Hospital

Checking Drug-Drug Interactions their examples including the mechanism of its effect, Parameters to be checked and Recommendations to be provided. Identifing and Reporting Adverse Drug Reactions their examples with mechanism of action. Identifing and Reporting Medication Errors, types with examples. Patient counselling- Regarding Disease, Life style changes, it also includes PILLS(Patient Informaiton Leaf Lets) which can be used as a visual aid for patient counselling.

Project Ideas

Including various topics which can be used for your clerkship program during your PharmD cirriculum.

Monograph of Drugs

Commonly used drugs with their Mode of Action, Dose, Adverse Drug Reactions, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Brands, Indications, Available strengths

Question Papers

All question papers and some commonly asked questions.


Dr. Gundramyreddy. Sravani


Technical-G.Mohith, A.Vijitha.
In Notes preparation
Biochemistry- Dr.Kavitha.S
Pharmacotherapeutics II-
Dr.P.Sai Divya Sree

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