Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics

I. Biopharmaceutics
1. Introduction to Biopharmaceutics
a. Absorption of drugs from gastrointestinal tract
b. Drug Distribution
c. Drug Elimination

II. Pharmacokinetics
2. Introduction to Pharmacokinetics
a.Mathematical model
b. Drug levels in blood
c. Pharmacokinetic model
d. Compartment models
e. Pharmacokinetic study
3. One compartment open model.
a. Intravenous Injection (Bolus)
b. Intravenous infusion
Multicompartment models
a. Two compartment open model
b. IV bolus, IV infusion and oral administration
4. Multiple- Dosage Regimes
a. Repititve Intravenous Injections - One Compartment Open Model
b. Repititive Extravascular dosing - One compartment Open model
c. Multiple Dose Regimen - Two Compartment Open Model
Nonlinear Pharmacokinetics
a. Introduction
b.Factors causing Non-linearity
c. Michaels-menton method of estimating parameters.
5. Noncompartmental Pharmacokinetics
a. Statistical Moment Theroy
b. MRT for various compartment models
c. Physiological Pharmacokinetic Model
Bioavailability and Bioequivalence
a. Introduction
b. Bioavailability study protocol
c. Methods of Assessment of Bioavailability